How do I activate a Tracfone?
There are multiple ways to activate a Tracfone. The easiest is to go to the Tracfone website. You will click on the Activate and Reactivate button on the top of the web page. Then you will add the phone serial number which is in your prepaid menu.

Tracfone Serial numbers is either a 11, 15, or 18 digit number.  In the  Prepaid Menu on your phone you will be able to find the serial number of your phone.  The website has step by step instructions on where to find your phone’s serial number.

If your phone has been active before you will have to add a phone card to activeate. If you just purchased your phone from Tracfone you will be able to activate your phone and get 20 free minutes and two months of service time.

How much does it cost to Activate your Tracfone?
It is free to Activate a Tracfone. Many prepaid cell phone companies charge $25 to $35 to activate your phone. Just adding a new minute card makes activating a Tracfone a bargain.

What does it cost to Reactivate my Tracfone?
After letting your Tracfone service expire they do not charge you a fee to restart your Tracfone Phone. You will have to buy a minute card to reactivate your phone but there is no extra Activation or cell phone reactivation fee.

Buying Tracfone Minutes and Activating.
Remember if you are buying a minute card for your phone to be sure to add a bonus code to get some extra free minutes. You can get between 20 and 300 free minutes by using a bonus code. Check out Tracfone Bonus Codes for the latest deals and codes.

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