Do Tracfone Minutes Roll over?
By keeping minutes and service time active your Tracfone service time or Minutes will roll over.  If your Tracfone service time expires you must reactivate within two months you will get to keep your minutes.  This rollover policy is different than most other prepaid phone service which do not roll over minutes or service time.  If you run completely out of minutes or do not refill before your service expires you will lose your tracfone number.

What is Tracfone DMFL?
Tracfone DMFL means Unlimited Double minutes for life of the phone.  This means for the life of the phone with DMFL any time you add a Tracfone Minute Card you will get twice as many minutes as the card has on it.

Can I Transfer DMFL?
The doubler card feature usually cannot be transferable to your next Tracfone if your current phone quits working or is lost or stolen.  Most of the nicer Tracfone phones now come with Double minutes.

Do not add Minutes to a Non DMFL Tracfone.
The Unlimited DMFL is such a better deal than a Tracfone without DMFL, l do not recommend adding a Tracfone card to any phone without DMFL.

Best Place to buy Tracfone Minutes.
I always purchase Tracfone Minutes at Tracfone Bonus Codes.  I buy minutes and add bonus codes at the same time.  This gets me the lowest cost per minute I can get with Tracfone.

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