What is a Tracfone PIN number?
A Tracfone PIN number is a 15 digit number.  This is the number that will add minutes and service time to your phone.  When you buy a Tracfone Card you will find this number either on the receipt or on the back of the card.  On the Tracfone card your PIN number will be covered and you will need to scratch off the silver covering (much like a lottery ticket.)

The Tracfone PIN number is activated at the checkout counter when you buy your card.  If someone were to steal a Tracfone card from Walmart or Target and then try to use the code on the card it would not work.

What is a Tracfone Bonus Code?
A bonus code is a 5 digit number.  They are given out by Tracfone to give a discount on adding minutes to your phone.  I always use Tracfone Bonus Codes when adding a Tracfone PIN to a phone because the coupon code will get you twenty to 300 minutes added to your phone.

Where can I find Tracfone Bonus Codes?
I have found the best place to find recent Tracfone Bonus codes at this Tracfone Bonus Coupon Code Page

What is a Tracfone Purchase Discount Code?
A Purchase Discount Code is different because it gives you discount whe n buying a phone or phone and card pagckage.  These are five digit numbers also.  I have found the latest Tracfone Purchase Discount Code here.

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